Create Reusable Button Component with React & Tailwind CSS

In this section we will create reusable button component using react js with tailwind css 3. First you need to install setup react with tailwind css. you can react below article.

Install & Setup Vite + React + Typescript + Tailwind CSS 3

How to install Tailwind CSS in React

First you need to create Button.jsx component.


import React from 'react';

export default function Button({
  type = 'submit',
  className = '',
}) {
  return (
        `inline-flex items-center px-4 py-2 bg-gray-900 border border-transparent rounded-md font-semibold text-xs text-white uppercase tracking-widest active:bg-gray-900 transition ease-in-out duration-150 ${
          processing && 'opacity-25'
        } ` + className

Now you can import Button Component and use anywhere.


import Button from './Components/Button';

function App() {
  return (
    <div className="flex items-center justify-center h-screen">
      <div className="flex gap-x-4">
        <Button className="bg-red-600">Button</Button>
        <Button className="bg-green-600">Button</Button>
        <Button className="bg-purple-600">Button</Button>
        <Button className="bg-cyan-600">Button</Button>

export default App;
Reusable Button Component with React & Tailwind CSS

Reusable Button Component with React & Tailwind CSS

Now, run the server

npm start
npm run dev