Pixels to Rem (Rem to Pixels) Convert

Below form you can convert the px to rem. Also you can convert rem to pixels.

Tailwind CSS (Naming, PX, REM) Conversion Table

Tailwind CSS `width, height, margin, padding {size}` naming conversion starts from 0 to 96. but 0 to 12 sequence, tailwind REM spacing unit is equal to 0.25rem, which is equal to 4px.

0 0rem 0px
px 0.0625rem 1px
0.5 0.125rem 2px
1 0.25rem 4px
1.5 0.375rem 6px
2 0.5rem 8px
2.5 0.625rem 10px
3 0.75rem 12px
3.5 0.875rem 14px
4 1rem 16px
5 1.25rem 20px
6 1.5rem 24px
7 1.75rem 28px
8 2rem 32px
9 2.25rem 36px
10 2.5rem 40px
11 2.75rem 44px
12 3rem 48px
14 3.5rem 56px
16 4rem 64px
20 5rem 80px
24 6rem 96px
28 7rem 112px
32 8rem 128px
36 9rem 144px
40 10rem 160px
44 11rem 176px
48 12rem 192px
52 13rem 208px
56 14rem 224px
60 15rem 240px
64 16rem 256px
72 18rem 288px
80 20rem 320px
96 24rem 384px

PX to REM Conversion Table

PX to rem conversion table between 1px to 100px and 0.0625rem to 6.25rem

1px 0.0625rem
2px 0.125rem
3px 0.1875rem
4px 0.25rem
5px 0.3125rem
6px 0.375rem
7px 0.4375rem
8px 0.5rem
9px 0.5625rem
10px 0.625rem
11px 0.6875rem
12px 0.75rem
13px 0.8125rem
14px 0.875rem
15px 0.9375rem
16px 1rem
17px 1.0625rem
18px 1.125rem
19px 1.1875rem
20px 1.25rem
21px 1.3125rem
22px 1.375rem
23px 1.4375rem
24px 1.5rem
25px 1.5625rem
26px 1.625rem
27px 1.6875rem
28px 1.75rem
29px 1.8125rem
30px 1.875rem
31px 1.9375rem
32px 2rem
33px 2.0625rem
34px 2.125rem
35px 2.1875rem
36px 2.25rem
37px 2.3125rem
38px 2.375rem
39px 2.4375rem
40px 2.5rem
41px 2.5625rem
42px 2.625rem
43px 2.6875rem
44px 2.75rem
45px 2.8125rem
46px 2.875rem
47px 2.9375rem
48px 3rem
49px 3.0625rem
50px 3.125rem
51px 3.1875rem
52px 3.25rem
53px 3.3125rem
54px 3.375rem
55px 3.4375rem
56px 3.5rem
57px 3.5625rem
58px 3.625rem
59px 3.6875rem
60px 3.75rem
61px 3.8125rem
62px 3.875rem
63px 3.9375rem
64px 4rem
65px 4.0625rem
66px 4.125rem
67px 4.1875rem
68px 4.25rem
69px 4.3125rem
70px 4.375rem
71px 4.4375rem
72px 4.5rem
73px 4.5625rem
74px 4.625rem
75px 4.6875rem
76px 4.75rem
77px 4.8125rem
78px 4.875rem
79px 4.9375rem
80px 5rem
81px 5.0625rem
82px 5.125rem
83px 5.1875rem
84px 5.25rem
85px 5.3125rem
86px 5.375rem
87px 5.4375rem
88px 5.5rem
89px 5.5625rem
90px 5.625rem
91px 5.6875rem
92px 5.75rem
93px 5.8125rem
94px 5.875rem
95px 5.9375rem
96px 6rem
97px 6.0625rem
98px 6.125rem
99px 6.1875rem
100px 6.25rem