tailwind css headings typography examples

In this tutorial we will see tailwind css headings typography h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, responsive headings typography example with Tailwind CSS.

How to install & setup Tailwind CSS v3

Example 1

Tailwind CSS Simple Headings Typography.

<h1 class="text-5xl text-gray-800">h1. Tailwind CSS heading</h1>
<h2 class="text-4xl text-gray-800">h2. Tailwind CSS heading</h2>
<h3 class="text-3xl text-gray-800">h3. Tailwind CSS heading</h3>
<h4 class="text-2xl text-gray-800">h4. Tailwind CSS heading</h4>
<h5 class="text-xl text-gray-800">h5. Tailwind CSS heading</h5>
<h6 class="text-lg text-gray-800">h6. Tailwind CSS heading</h6>
tailwind Typography

tailwind Typography

Example 2

Tailwind CSS Responsive Headings Typography.

<h1 class="text-3xl text-gray-800 md:text-4xl lg:text-5xl">
  h1. Tailwind CSS heading
<h2 class="text-2xl text-gray-800 lg:text-4xl md:text-3xl">
  h2. Tailwind CSS heading
<h3 class="text-xl text-gray-800 md:text-2xl lg:text-3xl">
  h3. Tailwind CSS heading
<h4 class="text-lg text-gray-800 md:text-xl lg:text-2xl">
  h4. Tailwind CSS heading
<h5 class="text-base text-gray-800 md:text-lg lg:text-lg">
  h5. Tailwind CSS heading
<h6 class="text-sm text-gray-800 lg:text-lg md:text-base">
  h6. Tailwind CSS heading
tailwind Typography 2

tailwind Typography 2