tailwind css free digital agency landing page

Digital Agency template is the new Tailwind CSS 3.x template with under-the-hood capabilities to make your performance better.It is minimal and very fast load. tailwind digital Agency landing page offering you the responsive navbar, Features section, blogs section, Contact US section.

FEATURES & Tools Use:

Tailwind CSS 3.x

Alpinejs 3.x

Heroicons Icon 2.x

Undraw.co (Image, SVG)

Scroll Behavior Smooth

Responsive Navbar with Hamburger Menu

Hero Header

Reservation Form UI

Contact US

Tailwind CSS Free Digital Agency Landing Page - Screenshot

Header Section

tailwind css digital agency header section

Features Section

tailwind css digital agency features template section

Our Blogs

tailwind css digital agency blogs section

Contact US Form

tailwind css digital agency contact us form