TailFood – Free Tailwind CSS Restaurant Template

TailFood, the free Tailwind CSS restaurant template is the new Tailwind CSS 2.2 template with under-the-hood capabilities to make your performance better. TailFood support tailwind jit mode that why it is minimal and very fast load. TailFood offering you the CAT section, about us section, menu recipe section, Food Gallery section and last order now section.

TailFood – Free Tailwind CSS Restaurant Template

TailFood is a one page HTML template with Tailwind CSS 2.2.x. It will allow you to describe your offer, show the food menu, Book the table, upload image to the food gallery, and more.

FEATURES & Tools Use:

Tailwind CSS 2.2.x

Jit Mode Support

Alpinejs 3.x

Heroicons Icon

Responsive Navbar with Hamburger Menu

Hero Header

Reservation Form UI


TailFood - Project Installation Guide

Tailwind CSS installed as a postCSS plugin and configured for two modes - Watching file changes for **development** and optimizing for **production**:

How to use

Step 1: Install Node Dependencies

npm install

Step 2: Run below command for developing

npm run build

Watches files as you make changes to your `index.html` within `public` folder

Step 3: Run below command for production

npm run prod

Uses `cssnano` to minify the stylesheet for production


Our Story

About Us

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