Laravel exists() method Example

laravel exists() method

in this short tutorial we will see how to use laravel exists() method, we will use exists() for checking records

exists contains true if the model taken from database

let see some example

Example 1

// For Kids
    $kids = User::where('age', '<', 18)->exists();
    // For men
    $mens = User::where('age', '>=', 18)->exists();

Example 2

for search email

if (User::where('email', $request->email)->exists()) {
   //email exists in user table

Example 3

$posts = Post::where('user_id', Auth::id());
		//Check if posts exists
        if ($posts->exists()) { 
	//Get all the posts by user
            $userPosts = $posts->get(); 
        } else {
            return redirect()->back()->withError('No post found.');