laravel 9 install setup tall(tailwind, alpinejs, livewire) admin panel

In this section we will install TALL Stack (Tailwind, Alpinejs, Livewire, Laravel) Admin Panel. We will use AdminTW package, it provide lots of feature like Roles and Permission and laravel 2 factor authentication, AdminTW comes with a suite of tests using PestPHP.

Laravel AdminTW

Laravel AdminTW is minimal Laravel Livewire theme styled with TailwindCSS.

Laravel AdminTW supports both light and dark mode based on the users OS.

Provided are blade and Laravel Livewire components for common layout / UI elements and a complete test suite (Pest PHP).

Create laravel project and connect with database.

composer create-project laravel/laravel tall-admin 

Install Laravel AdminTW & Setup

Install admintw via composer:

composer require dcblogdev/laravel-admintw

Then install using the command:

php artisan admintw:install

To compile your assets:

npm install && npm run dev

if you got error then run.

composer update

Migrate the database

php artisan migrate

Seed the database

php artisan db:seed

Link Storage to public

php artisan storage:link

Run server

php artisan serve



laravel 9 TALL Stack admin dashboard

laravel 9 TALL Stack admin dashboard

You can read doc of AdminTW

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