Laravel 9 Install Inertia js Server-side rendering (SSR)

Hello friend, In today we will see how to install & setup inertia server-side rendering (ssr) with laravel 9. In recently Taylor Otwell  update laravel stater kit breeze & laravel jetstream which is support vue js & react js ssr, with the help of ssr you can easily seo your page.

Laravel 9 Inertia Server-side rendering (SSR)

Create Laravel Project

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel inertia-ssr

Now, fill the details in env file.



Install Laravel breeze

Next, you need to run below command in your terminal

composer require laravel/breeze --dev
npm install && npm run dev
php artisan migrate

Breeze & Inertia with SSR

You need to setup inertia js ssr , run below command.

php artisan breeze:install vue --ssr
php artisan breeze:install react --ssr

npm install && npm run dev
laravel 9 SSR setup

laravel 9 SSR setup