laravel 9 image download example

In this section we will see how to upload image and download in laravel 9. There is two way you can download image in laravel. First you can use HTML download Attribute. Second you can use laravel download method.

Example 1

Download Image in laravel using html download Attribute

<a href="{{ Storage::url($file->image)}}" target="_blank" download>Download</a>  

Example 2

Download Image using laravel download method.

public function downloadImage(Image $image)
    $imagePath = Storage::url($image->image);

    return response()->download(public_path($imagePath));


<a href="{{ route('download.image',$image->id) }}" target="_blank">Download</a>  


Route::get('image-download/{image}', [ImageController::class, 'downloadImage'])->name('download.image');
laravel 9 image download

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