laravel 9 add simple sidebar with tailwind css example

In this section we will see how to install & setup sidebar in laravel 9 with tailwind css. For this section we will setup sidebar admin panel in few minute. For this section we will use laravel breeze with K UI Breeze starter it will help to easily setup sidebar in laravel 9 with tailwind css. It also support dark mode.

Tool Use

Laravel 9

Laravel Breeze

K UI Breeze starter

Create Laravel Project

Run below command in your terminal to create laravel project.

composer create-project laravel/laravel laravel-sidebar  

Configure your database.

Install laravel Breeze

install laravel breeze for tailwind css and alpinejs.

composer require laravel/breeze --dev
# after finish run this command
php artisan breeze:install

Install kamona/kui-laravel-breeze for sidebar

Install K UI Breeze starter for add laravel tailwind sidebar admin panel.

composer require kamona/kui-laravel-breeze --dev

Install laravel 9 with tailwind css sidebar.

php artisan kui-breeze:replace blade

install npm dependencies.

npm install && npm run dev

run migrate

php artisan migrate

run laravel server

php artisan serve

Run Vite server

npm run dev

create laravel 9 sidebar with tailwind css

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