laravel 10 find month difference between two dates with example

To calculate the difference in months between two dates in Laravel, you can use the Carbon library, a PHP API extension for DateTime. Laravel comes bundled with Carbon, making it easy to perform date and time operations within your Laravel application.

Laravel Using Carbon diffInMonths Method

You can determine the difference in months between two dates as follows.

use Carbon\Carbon;

$date1 = Carbon::createFromDate(2023, 1, 1); // start date
$date2 = Carbon::createFromDate(2023, 6, 1); // end date

$monthDifference = $date1->diffInMonths($date2);

echo $monthDifference; 

Using diffInMonths will provide you with the absolute difference in months between two dates. You can customize the dates by replacing createFromDate(2023, 1, 1) and createFromDate(2023, 6, 1) with your desired date values.

laravel two date calculate

laravel two date calculate

Laravel Carbon Handling Time Zones

If you're working with time zones, make sure to set the correct time zone for each Carbon instance.

$date1 = Carbon::createFromDate(2023, 1, 1, 'America/New_York');
$date2 = Carbon::createFromDate(2023, 6, 1, 'America/New_York');

Laravel Subscription Duration Calculation

Let's say you're running a subscription service and you want to calculate the number of months a user has been subscribed.

use Carbon\Carbon;

// Subscription start date (for example, the date a user joined)
$subscriptionStartDate = Carbon::parse('2023-01-15');

// Current date (or the date of subscription end/cancellation)
$currentDate = Carbon::now();

// Calculate the month difference
$monthsSubscribed = $subscriptionStartDate->diffInMonths($currentDate);

echo "The user has been subscribed for $monthsSubscribed months.";
laravel two date month calculate

laravel two date month calculate

Laravel Age Calculation in Months

Suppose you have a web application where you need to calculate a user's age in months.


use Carbon\Carbon;

// User's date of birth
$birthDate = Carbon::createFromDate(2010, 5, 20); // Replace with the actual date of birth

// Current date
$currentDate = Carbon::now();

// Calculate age in months
$ageInMonths = $birthDate->diffInMonths($currentDate);

echo "The user is $ageInMonths months old.";