install tailwind css with headless ui in nextjs

In this section we will see how to use Headless UI in NextJS. Before we start we need to install & setup tailwind css with nextjs then we will install headless ui. You can read below article or .

Install Tailwind CSS In NextJS 13

Install Headless UI in NextJS

To get started, install Headless UI via npm:

npm install @headlessui/react

import { useState } from 'react'
import { Switch } from '@headlessui/react'

export default function ToggleExample() {
  const [enabled, setEnabled] = useState(false)

  return (
    <div className="flex items-center justify-center py-16">
        className={`${enabled ? 'bg-teal-900' : 'bg-teal-700'}
          relative inline-flex h-[38px] w-[74px] shrink-0 cursor-pointer rounded-full border-2 border-transparent transition-colors duration-200 ease-in-out focus:outline-none focus-visible:ring-2  focus-visible:ring-white focus-visible:ring-opacity-75`}
        <span className="sr-only">Use setting</span>
          className={`${enabled ? 'translate-x-9' : 'translate-x-0'}
            pointer-events-none inline-block h-[34px] w-[34px] transform rounded-full bg-white shadow-lg ring-0 transition duration-200 ease-in-out`}
nextjs headless ui

nextjs headless ui

Run the server

npm run dev